The correlation between Earth Day and the “Arab Spring”

“Throughout my stay in the United States (U.S.) I was prompted to buy, consume, and to vote.” — Safi Roshdy. Screenshot from taken by the author on 22 April 2020.

When you think of America, what comes to mind?

Here’s what comes to my mind: Pepsi, Coca Cola, Nike, Hollywood, the NBA, the NFL, the Super Bowl, Call Of Duty, and actual wars all over the world, among other things. …

A prerequisite in Rocket Science is not required.

This article is about not giving up on your intellectual capacity to analyze things for what they are and not for how they are made to look, and it is also about Ghaf trees.

Left: A video by MYCAFU explaining how one Ghaf tree can absorb 34.65kg of CO2 emissions per year. Source: Youtube. Right: A calculation of how many litres of Petrol result in the emission of 34.65kg of CO2. Source:

Advocacy work can be lonely, time consuming and definitely not financially rewarding. I am not somebody…

I am upset and cannot get over the fact that I could not connect with 22 human beings because a virtual window would not open.

Artwork by: Gerd Altmann

My hands were shaking and my body was sweating, yes, but not because I was nervous; I was helpless and loosing my cool. I tried…

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