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You can’t be meaning to do well and yet look for dollar signs at every opportunity. Regardless of what many business advocates would like to have me believe, looking for opportunities to make money in order to “sustain” one’s business is not the right mindset with which to approach the social and environmental problems of our time, and if anything, it is the reason why many of those problems take forever to be addressed.

I’m one of those people who has, overtime, developed a sense of smell for a particular type of toxicity, that of those who would like to make money out of being perceived as having the best of intentions. Even more, I think I can actually picture them in dollar sign aviators. And they stink.

Many of us are well-meaning individuals trying to go about our daily lives without hurting anyone, so imagine if somebody comes to you and provides you with facts pertaining to how the world is doomed because of action or inaction, and then offers you a product or a service claiming that this is your baby step to redemption. There is nothing wrong with the product or service and you can afford it, but the question is, do you really need it or are you buying it to make yourself feel better?

The answer to the global waste production problem is not the creation of more products and the enticement of more starry eyed consumption, and the research into why sustainable consumption is not taking hold cannot be orchestrated by those who make their living out of their extrinsic expertise. They would rather pretend that the solution can be bought or has to be found, when in reality, all we have to do is come clean and see the light.

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