• Crit Kennedy

    Crit Kennedy

  • Ishita Das

    Ishita Das

    Teller of Stories- her own or of others. #Love #SocialCommunication #Design

  • Nithin Mathew

    Nithin Mathew

  • Brown Lotus

    Brown Lotus

    I am Könchok: widow (love you forever, Mike), mom, polyglot, & Puerto Rican upasikha. I am a woman of all homelands and all people; I’ve made my peace with it.

  • Mazen Roshdy

    Mazen Roshdy

  • Ali Amin

    Ali Amin

    Learn, Change and Challenge

  • Julius Evans

    Julius Evans

    3X Top Writer in Reading, Music & Movies— Senior Editor for the popular ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, Readers Hope, and several other publications.

  • Hemeryck Marc

    Hemeryck Marc

    Medical doctor

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