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I have no problem doing this. I heard that others feel self conscious about it, but me, I think I conditioned myself out of worrying about how I look when I have one purpose on my mind: to have what I want without the added baggage.

I don’t think I worried about packaging this much before, but the more I know, the more I cannot bring myself to be passive about it.

We became used to taking what is offered to us by food and beverage outlets, no questions asked, in fact, sometimes we ask for more. It’s necessary to avoid a mess we think to ourselves or more than likely we don’t need to think because it is now a habit developed out of experience. You never know when you might need those extra napkins, remember that time you ran out? That was not very pleasant!

Neither is bringing your own dining set to a fast food outlet, unless you’re doing it with intention.

I read once that washing the dishes can be therapeutic, and I personally think that it helps clear my mind, but the fact is many kitchen sinks are overburdened with yet to be dealt with dishes as I type this, and it is because so many of us would rather not clean up after ourselves.

But a lot of packaging does not clean up after itself either. Do we need to be made more aware of this or do we need to think about it?

Where does a coffee cup end up? More than likely in landfill, and it will more than likely be there fo 30 or more years before it disintegrates. The coffee cup is paper made waterproof with plastic, not wax. How many of us know this?

But we don’t think about it, because our mind is preoccupied.

What about that piece of art of a take out box? How much time do you think was spent to make sure the branding projected itself and the box was functionally well designed? What about the bright printing and the glossy finish?

It’s all too much for one meal if you think about it, but if you don’t think it makes a difference to you, think again.

Picture a branded coffee cup versus a non-branded one on a table, both with coffee in them. Which one would you, a coffee person, pick if you had to pick one?

I would pick none, but then lament on the fact that the coffee and the cups were wasted, and if left with no other option would concede to drinking the coffee and collect the cups for upcycling.

But that’s beside the point. The point is, packaging for a long time has served to make us more inclined to establish an association with a brand; packaging for a long time has been re-assuring and even luring. And for a long time, we have been paying for the intricate packaging used to entice us, more than we have been paying for its contents.

Is it worth it? For the brand, it makes all the difference. So much work is put into getting it right, into making sure it conforms with what the brand stands for. Then of course, the packaging protects and helps communicate the product to the potential consumer.

But when is packaging not worth it? And will we be able to look at branded products the same if we decide to do without the extra work put into the embelishment of their outer shell?

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My experience, depicted above, is that I could taste the silverware more than I could savor the pancakes, and I was left with another wastage dilemma when it came to what I was made to acknowledge as indeed a banana.

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